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East Fremantle Football Club Responds to WAFC's Penalty for 2022 Salary Cap Breach

Monday, October 30, 2023 - 4:02 PM

 The East Fremantle Football Club (EFFC) today received the West Australian Football Commission's (WAFC) findings regarding the breach of the 2022 Total Player Payments (TPP) cap. We respect the integrity of the WAFL and understand the importance of upholding its rules and regulations.

While EFFC has already recognised that aspects of the club have clearly not been to the required standard, we emphasise our commitment to moving forward in a positive manner.

EFFC President Mark Stewart commented on the situation: "The Board and members are deeply disappointed with the errors that have occurred, particularly in relation to the superannuation payments. These errors highlight a clear failure in processes and oversight. We acknowledge this, and the Board has been conducting a detailed review of the administration of the club. We have identified a number of processes that need to be strengthened, and it will be the job of the new Chief Executive Officer to implement these changes, bringing our club up to best practice."

Stewart further stated, "We believe the breaches related to the sign-on fee and match day awards are a difference in interpretation, and whilst we accept the decision of the WAFC, we commit to engaging with the WAFC in future to ensure clarity.”

While the Club accepts the penalties imposed, it is disappointed with the deduction of the four premiership points, as it directly affects our dedicated players and coaches, who were not involved in the administrative errors made in 2022. We do appreciate the WAFC specifying that these errors were limited to that year, and in no way affected our on-field success in 2023.

EFFC has made significant changes in response to the investigation, which include a thorough search for a new CEO with strong commercial and financial management experience and a review and strengthening of the role of the Finance Committee to ensure more rigorous oversight of financial matters in future.

 Stewart concluded, "We understand that all our stakeholders, including our loyal supporters, will be disappointed with these findings, and we share that disappointment. However, we want to assure everyone that the necessary changes are already being made to ensure we are not in this position again. We are committed to a new era of administrative rigour for the East Fremantle Football Club."