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East Fremantle Past Players & Officials Association Inc

EFFC Past Players & Officials Association Inc.

The East Fremantle Past Players and Officials Association (Inc) welcome all members both new & those returning for season 2024 and would like to introduce the members who constitute the committee for this year:

EFFC PPOA – Executive Committee Members 2024

President          Robert Santaromita

Vice President  Graeme Howard

Secretary          Cassandra Rowe

Treasurer          Neil Dent

Committee Members 2024
Geoff Dunstone, Kevin Cant, Colin Aspinall, Peter Gibson.

The Association will secure a dedicated area within the grounds for members to continue to meet during the half time break.  Your membership will entitle you to the service of light refreshments including finger food, soft drink, wine, and beer as provided by the catering service.  Membership will also give you entry to affiliated clubs past players facilities at the away games. 


We now look forward to having the time and opportunity to enjoy the game, meet up with old friends and connect with new.  The popular “bats” raffle will continue during the half time interval as will the opportunity for the Presidents of both clubs to say a word or two!


The EFFC Past Players & Officials Association have a proud history of supporting the club and their members and we encourage all Club members, in turn, to support the Association and join up in 2024.  We look forward to enjoying our time at our new premises and to creating a new and exciting PPOA to take back to the traditional home of the Sharks at Moss Street.

Memberships and renewals of $35 can be paid online to:
Name: East Fremantle Football Club Past Players and Officials Association Inc.
Bank:   Beyond Bank Australia
BSB:     325-185

A/c:     01306907
or reach out to a committee at 

Please note, it is a requirement of the Past Players & Officials Association that to become a member, you are a financial member of the EFFC.



The East Fremantle Football Club Past Players and Officials Association Inc. continues to raise money for the Sharks. They will launch their new “Gold Shark PPOA Bag” .

Available for $50 each or $35 for the Gold Shark PPOA Badge ONLY.

The bag contains:

1 x Gold Shark Past Players & Officials Badge (in a gold bag)

1 x Gold Football Past Players & Officials Key Ring (in a gold bag)

1 x Large Vintage WANFL Sticker

1 x Vintage “Old East” Sticker

The only requirement to purchase is to be a member of EFFC and a member of the PPOA Inc.

Contact Cass Rowe 0409 103191 for any further details.