Annual A-Team Game This Saturday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 - 4:19 PM

On Saturday, April 27, the Fremantle Community Bank Oval will witness a heartwarming event as the WAFLW rivals, East Fremantle Football Club (EFFC) and Subiaco Football Club (SFC), come together for the fourth annual A-Team Game.

Ariella Italiano, an 8-year-old with incredible resilience, faces a unique challenge: she suffers from the extremely rare genetic condition known as TBC1D24. With fewer than 100 cases documented worldwide, this condition affects her daily life in profound ways. Epilepsy, hypotonia (low muscle tone), and global developmental delay are part of her medical journey. But perhaps her most daunting struggle is frequent paralysis, which can immobilize her entire body for extended periods.

The A Team game is a powerful statement of solidarity. This weekend, the East Fremantle and Subiaco women's programs will don “The A Team” training shirts, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ariella. The strength Ariella demonstrates in her daily life inspires everyone involved, proving that challenges on the field can be overcome.

Founded in 2020 by parents of children affected by TBC1D24, the TBC1D24 Foundation is a registered charity. Its board includes parents of TBC1D24 sufferers, doctors, and medical researchers—all committed to raising awareness and funding research. Currently, research into TBC1D24 treatments is limited, but events like The A-Team game contribute significantly to changing that.

By supporting The A Team game, you’re directly impacting the lives of children like Ariella. The funds raised will bolster research projects aimed at improving treatments for TBC1D24. There will be donation opportunities at the game, with merch and raffle tickets available. To donate directly to the Foundation, you can follow the link here.

Let’s come together as a community, celebrate the spirit of Ariella, and raise our voices for TBC1D24 awareness.


Watch our video here to learn about the A-Team Game.