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We're Looking for a Women's Team Manager!

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 1:35 PM

The East Fremantle Football Club is looking for a passionate volunteer Property & Team manager.



Job Title: WAFLW Game Day Property and Team Manager


Division: Football Operations


Report To: WAFLW Operations Manager




The East Fremantle Football Club is a strong, united and  progressive football club with an excellent female football program. Now as one club, we recognize and continue to grow on the hard work made before us from the East Fremantle Women’s Football Club, an inaugural WAFLW football club possessing a proud 35 year history beginning as the Melville Warriors as one of four clubs that initiated the West Australian Women’s Football League.


The club has now in total had a very successful history winning 9 premierships, along with 21 AFLW draftees.



  • Manage appropriate game day paperwork for the WAFLW side pre and post-game
  • Develop close rapport with playing group and act as liaison between players and coaches as required
  • Oversee pre-game running schedule and breaks to ensure coaches and staff run on time
  • Manage WAFLW B&F voting for coaches on game day (ensure required coaches receive voting slips and are sealed and hand to Operations Manager post game and well as top 5 players entered on Play HQ)
  • Ensure only required personnel (named on team sheet) are on the interchange bench during WAFLW games
  • Keep accurate scores and goal kickers during WAFLW matches
  • Oversee the clearance of change rooms and venues
  • Manage the set-up of interchange bench and change rooms on game day
  • Assist with the distribution of pre-season and in-season apparel along with game day apparel
  • Any other tasks that are required of the WAFLW Operations Manager or WAFLW Head Coaches
  • Prepare League jumpers in number order on day an hour before in preparation for game
  • Bring equipment required for game day: footballs, cones, bibs, tables, medical bags, playing kits, water container and bottles, etc.
  • Tidy and check change rooms post games


Please email your expression of interest and resume to EFFC Women's Footy Operations Manager Tessa at