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Thrifty Match Day vs West Perth

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 3:51 PM

Thrifty Match Day at East Fremantle Oval is shaping up to be a good one, with a Sharks side determined to get a win as Andrew Stephen lines up for his 150th league game.

The in-form Falcons will be a tough challenge for the Sharks, but coach Rob Wiley said not to write the boys off just yet.

“The last few weeks have showed some really positive signs and the boys proved in the Derby they can match it with some of the stronger teams in the comp,” Wiley said.

“But that was for three quarters so now we need to sustain a full game effort.”  

When these two teams met in 2016, The Sharks won by 50 points in Round 4 at East Fremantle Oval before West Perth prevailed by 70 points in Round 15 at HBF Arena.

Being such a massive milestone for Stevo, Wiley believes it will be the extra motivation the Sharks have been lacking.

“To be able to repay players that have given so much for the Club is really important, so I know the boys will go out there and give it their all.”

“Apart from missing the captain, our side is almost back at full strength with the return of Liam Anthony.”

Into the 25 this week comes Peter Delaney, James Harrold, Alex Montauban and Andrew Stokes.

Tommy Bennett is set to line up for his second league game after a strong debut against the Bulldogs.

The Sharks will have a close eye on Rudy Riddoch after he booted six goals for the Falcons last week.

The Development League are also out for a win after a disappointing 10-point loss to South Fremantle.

 The boys will need to make the most of every scoring opportunity tomorrow, following their inaccuracy in the Derby.

Our colts on the other hand are looking to maintain their form, having lost just the one game so far this season.

With West Perth just outside the top 5, the boy will need to work hard for the win. 

Broadcast – 91.3 SportFM

Proud, loyal Shark Stephen to earn life membership with 150th game

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 10:34 AM - by Chris Pike

By Chris Pike, original article WAFC

HE is a Lynn Medallist, four-time state player and now Andrew Stephen plays his 150th game for East Fremantle on Saturday with it hard to imagine a more dedicated, committed and loyal servant earning life membership.

Over the course of his 149-game career at East Fremantle that began with his league debut in 2008, Stephen has created a legacy that will have him remembered as one of the greatest servants of his proud football club.

He will earn life membership by reaching 150 games this Saturday when East Fremantle takes on West Perth at East Fremantle Oval.

It's just the latest in the list of accomplishments that he could have only dreamed of a decade ago that has seen him win the club's fairest and best award in 2013, play for Western Australia on four occasions including as vice-captain and book his name on East Fremantle's No. 12 locker.

His performances on the field have been outstanding. A tremendously strong one-on-one player who built his reputation as the best defender his size in the competition, Stephen just wouldn’t lose whatever job any coach he played under gave him.

He has always given good drive off half-back for the Sharks, was a strong intercept mark for his size and his consistency has always been his strongest suit.

All that is why he is respected immensely by teammates and opponents alike.

Now the 28-year-old gets the honour of earning life membership on Saturday.

"I have thought about it obviously but it probably doesn’t mean as much as it will once I finish my career and can look back on it. But it does give me the chance to reflect and I remember my first game and I got presented my jumper to now, and it's been a long journey," Stephen said.

"We've had a lot of ups and downs along the way, but it's all worth it for this opportunity and to have life membership at a club that obviously means the world to me and my family, is quite special.

"Not only will I be grateful for it once I finish my career for this opportunity, but I know my family will find this a very special day. It gives me the chance for me say thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way."

When he first arrived at East Fremantle just wanting to play one game was enough of a dream for Stephen.

Now to get to 150 is something he's tremendously proud of, but his focus is on getting East Fremantle's first win of 2017.

"I would never have thought I would play one game of league footy even though that was the goal. To now be about to play 150 exceeded my expectations obviously, but it's going to be a very special day and something I will remember for the rest of my life," he said.

"I'll hold it dear to me and hopefully one day tell my kids and grandkids about it. It's not something that happens much in this day and age either. During my career, only two other guys have achieved it at the club so that makes it quite special as well."

Stephen is also proud to follow on the legacy at East Fremantle from his father Peter.

He played 52 games with Old Easts from 1969-72 including winning the 1969 Lynn Medal.

Stephen was proud to follow that legacy while also knocking off some of his achievements along the way.

It took him until 2013 to kick his seventh career goal to surpass his father's six and then also overtake his 52 games before joining him as a Lynn Medal winner, which he couldn’t be more proud of sharing with him.

"When I first got to the club I heard a lot about how good dad was as a player even though I never saw him play. But I got told how good he was and what type of player he was, and I know it's hard for some guys and Ryan Lester-Smith and Peakey coming through after their dads," Stephen said.

"But being able to share different milestones has been great for us. When I beat my dad's game tally was great and the goals tally was even better. He only kicked six goals but kept reminding me he had kicked more until I passed him. Then to be the only father-son Lynn Medallists also means a great deal to me as well, and to him and my family.

"He has been through everything with me and so have my whole family. I owe a lot to mum and dad. I can't speak more highly of them and how they've helped me through. They barely miss any games and always organise their holidays around byes and things like that. They've helped me significantly throughout my whole life."

Considering his tremendous passion for East Fremantle and his loyalty to the club through his whole career and his father's history as a Lynn Medal winner too, it's a fascinating story of Stephen's early journey.

His mother supported West Perth and Stephen still remembers cheering on the 1995 premiership win for the Falcons in person with John Dimmer as coach when Darren Harris was captain.

Dimmer coached the Falcons to another flag in 1999 before Harris was at the helm with Dimmer's support in 2003. 

They are good memories for Stephen from his youth and it made it quite an honour last year when Harris was coach and Dimmer his assistant in WA's state game win over Tasmania.

Stephen then began his early career at South Fremantle so it wasn’t always a given he would be at East Fremantle despite his father's history there.

But he wouldn’t change a thing about it now.

"I actually supported West Perth when I grew up and now it turns out we are playing against them in my 150th," he said.

"Mum supported West Perth and obviously my dad played for East Fremantle but I knew in the back of my mind I always would play at East Fremantle even though I played my development squads at South Freo. When Kim Barrett came to me during colts and asked me to come down, I always knew I'd end up at East Freo. 

"Mum's parents supported West Perth and my grandparents supported West Perth, so she followed what they were doing and I joined in when I was younger. I remember when John Dimmer was their coach and was there for the 1995 premiership. 

"Then he was one of my coaches in the state game last year so that was quite special. Darren Harris was the coach in the state game too and is a premiership captain and coach from West Perth. I did support them, but obviously I'm East Freo through and through now."

East Fremantle might have been struggling for too many wins early in Stephen's career and now over the past 12 months as well, but there's been times where that ultimate success hasn’t been too far away.

While 2012 was close with East Fremantle making the grand final and losing to Claremont and 2014 was perhaps the most haunting with the Sharks kicking 7.26 in the preliminary final to lose to Subiaco who went on to claim the premiership.

But it was actually 2008 that Stephen feels could have been the best chance with East Fremantle winning eight of its last nine games to be on fire, but just missing out on finals when Peel Thunder failed to beat Swan Districts.

"We won about nine games in-a-row in the latter half of the year and it came down to the last game when we played West Perth. We won by five points but we needed another team to lose so we missed out on the finals," Stephen said.

"I felt that year that if we made the finals, we were on fire and we could have done some damage. But definitely in 2012 was the best team I've been part of. Not many teams would have been able to beat that team we had in the grand final. but Claremont had just a good team that year and were able to. Then in 2014, obviously the old if we kicked straight in the prelim who knows.

"We potentially could have been beaten East Perth in the grand final because Subi went on to win it. I always think about it and we still talk about that, which is unfortunate, but it's just one of those things in footy. You can't dwell on it too much because it's a lost opportunity and it was similar with the Foxtel Cup grand final. 

"We kicked 2.16 in that and we could have won 100 grand, but won 40 instead. I played with some amazing people and I've been fortunate to be coached by some great coaches. You look back with fond memories but you also wonder what if as well. But it's mainly good memories because when you're in a winning culture, everyone is enjoying what they're doing."

A milestone like a 150th game provides the chance to do some reflection.

The team highlights for Stephen at East Fremantle are the finals he's been part of while personally, it's hard to beat state football and winning the Lynn Medal.

"Team highlights are obviously the grand finals – both in the WAFL and Foxtel Cup. I have a lot of great memories of the Foxtel Cup, it was a great initiative. Being able to travel with the team is something we don’t often get that chance. Even playing games in Kununurra or Karratha are fantastic just to get away as a group," he said.

"On a personal level playing state footy and playing four games has been huge. Being vice-captain of your state is something I was blown away by the chance to do that. Then there's obviously the Lynn Medal as well. Those things are what I'll look back on with the greatest fondness, but from a team aspect it's all about any of the finals, prelims and grand finals that we played in."

While East Fremantle lost seven of its last nine games in 2016 and is so far winless in 2017, Stephen can see the direction the club's heading and will hope to provide as much support to the young players as he can.

"In my early stages we lost a lot of games and now that's been happening over the last 12 months with me at the end of my career. We have a clear direction now on where we're heading," he said.

"After a few tough games, we've identified that we have some good young players coming through and we will try to get some games into them. We have some good players around the 22 to 25 age mark even though we lost a few others in that 25 to 27 bracket, but we do have that coming through which is great.

"Our colts are going well so hopefully in the next few years we can start to ingrain good behaviours into them with training standards and also ruthlessness during games so that we can be successful. Hopefully what I've learnt in my career I can try to instil that into some of the young ones."

Stephen has played with some tremendous East Fremantle players over his career, but only Rob Young and Leith Teakle have reached the 150-game mark to earn life membership during his time.

There are plenty of teammates he wishes could be there with him for his milestone but he's proud to have spent some of his careers with a lot of them.

"There are a lot of guys that I wish were still there that I could run out with, guys like Luke Weller, Leith Teakle, Kasey Green, Mark McGough, Rob Young and there's plenty of others," Stephen said.

"I'm not sure if Jamie McNamara will be right to play but I've gone through my whole career with him and even Liam Anthony too, so hopefully they get to play.

"If not, all my mates are at the club still and I'm just glad to run out in the jumper again for the 150th time. Hopefully we can get a win on the board, that's the most important thing to get the club back on the up where I want it to be."


Monday, May 1, 2017 - 9:10 AM

The following members are celebrating their birthdays this week and we would like to take this opportunity to wish them all a very Happy Birthday.

Donald Haines; Graeme Murphy; John Fowlie; Paul Olivier; Anthony Heatley; Brian Johnson; Esmond Lange; Ted Walker; Margaret Sheridan; John Beattie; Beverley Wallace; Chris Rose; William Holmes; Jeff Hillman; Tony Forrest; Allan Quinn; Geoff Wolfenden; Chris Gibbons; Paul Burke; John Lawrence; Jason Liddelow; Clayton Anderson; James Hunt; Chris Masten; Jarrad Jansen.

Eight Sharks selected in State Academy

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 9:10 AM

The first intake of players for the 2017 DEPPRO WA State Academy has been completed.

This includes 29 players in the 16’s age group and 30 in the 18’s age group. A second intake of players will be undertaken following trial games in May.

Six Sharks have been selected in the first 16’s intake and two in the 18’s.

Dylan Curley, Luke Dobson, Rueben McGuire, Trent Rivers, Trey Ruscoe and Jeremy Sharp were selected after strong performances in the recent 16’s Development Carnival. Lachlan McGarth also joins the group as a 'train on' which is fantastic.

Tom Joyce and Chris Scott are the East Fremantle products selected in the 18’s Academy. 

Academy players will participate in the State program over the next three months in preparation for the AFL National Championships.

The State 18s schedule includes trial games against a WA Country Football League representative team and WAFL 21s side, while the State 16s will play trial games against a State 17s team, WA Country Football League Colts and WA Amateur Football League Colts.

Teams will be selected from the 16s and 18s squads to represent WA at the AFL National Championships in June and July.

State Talent Manager Adam Jones welcomed all of the players to the Academy program and congratulated them on their selection.

“We are looking forward to working with each of the players selected to help them develop their skills and achieve their full potential both on and off the field,” he said. 

“The State Academy program is a critical part of the WA talent pathway and all of the players selected have a great opportunity to showcase their talent and earn the chance to represent WA at the National Championships.”


Saturday, June 10, 11am – WA v SA at Domain Stadium

Sunday, June 18, 11am – WA v Vic Metro at Domain Stadium

Sunday, June 25, 12.30pm – WA v Allies at Leederville Oval

Friday, June 30, TBC – WA v Vic Country at Etihad Stadium 


Sunday, June 25, 10am – WA v SA at Leederville Oval

Monday, July 10, 2.15pm – WA v VIC Country at Metricon Stadium

Friday, July 14, 10am – WA v VIC Metro at GABBA/Southport TBC 

Dylan Curley
Luke Dobson
Rueben McGuire
Trent Rivers
Trey Ruscoe
Jeremy Sharp
Tom Joyce
Chris Scott  
 Lachlan McGarth 



Monday, May 1, 2017 - 9:08 AM

The Friday night Member's Draw has jackpotted to $800 but you must be there to collect it.

On Friday night, April  28th, Ian Thompson’s name was drawn out but he wasn’t in attendance to collect the jackpot of $750, so the draw has now jackpotted to $800.

The draw takes place every Friday night between 6:30pm and 7:30pm in the main bar. 

You have to be in it to win it! Only those members who are financial for 2017 go into the draw and have the opportunity of taking out the jackpot – but of course you have to be there for the draw.

Meals are available on Friday nights. 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 9:39 AM

Congratulations to the following winners whose player was listed in the best on ground in The West Australian.

1st   -   Jonathon Marsh – Group 12 – AOS

2nd -    Ryan Lester-Smith – Group 7  - Hillseez

3rd -    Cameron Eardley – Group 13 – David McDonald


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 9:20 AM

The following members are celebrating their birthdays this week and we would like to take this opportunity to wish them all a very Happy Birthday.

Gordon Smith; Bob Uittenbroek; Jon Dorotich; Gavin Winton; Peter Bogensperger; Naomi Jones; Jennifer Stanley; Mark Nichols; Kirsten Holmes; Thomas Bennett; Riley Auret;  Jenae Morton; Cameron Power.

Derby Preview

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 4:07 PM

The stakes for the ANZAC Day Derby are as high as ever, with the Sharks desperate for a win tomorrow at Fremantle Community Bank Oval.

Although The Sharks go into the match as underdogs, it’s a well-known fact that anything can happen in a derby.

Last week, the boys showed grit that had been missing from the earlier games and will now look to maintain a four-quarter effort.

Into the 25 this week comes Dion Anthony, Josh Cuneo, Carl Green, Alex Moreno and Tom Bennett, who will make his league debut against the Bulldogs.

Bennett played juniors for Willetton, before making his way through the East Fremantle talent pathway.  After three seasons with the Colts, he progressed into senior footy playing 21 games since 2016. This year, Bennett was named captain of the Development League and after racking up 26 and 27 possessions in the past two games, has more than earned himself a spot in the side.

The Development League also face a tough task, with South Fremantle on top of the ladder. Sitting just outside the top 5, The Sharks should be boosted from last weeks nail biting win against Swan Districts.



SOUTH FREMANTLE v EAST FREMANTLE?Tuesday April 25, 4.10pm?Fremantle Community Bank Oval


12.00pm – Main gate opens

12.30pm – Public bar opens

1.00pm – Merchandise area opens

1.05pm – Reserves game bouncedown

1.30pm – Official Anzac Derby President's Function begins

3.40pm – Pre-game formalities commence

4.10pm – League game bouncedown

5.25pm – Half-time afternoon tea in Griff John Room

7.00pm – League game approximately concludes

8.00pm – Post-match awards commence in Griff John Room


Purchase from the main gate on game day. Main gate located at the corner of Parry St and William St in Fremantle. Adult Tickets $15. Concession Tickets $12. Under 16s Free.


Nearest Bus Stop is on South Terrace. Buses 511, 513, 520, 530, 531, 532, 825, 920, 998 and 999 stop a two-minute walk from the main gate.

Nearest Train Station is Fremantle Station. Fremantle Line Train stops at Fremantle station every 15 minutes on game day which is an eight-minute walk from the main gate.

Numerous parking areas are in close proximity to the ground including parking areas on Parry St and multi-level parking on Henderson St. 

Please note parking inside the ground is limited to players and support staff on match days. 


WAFL footy is still family friendly fun. Everyone is welcome onto Fremantle Community Bank Oval at the quarter breaks and during half-time. Feel free to have a kick on field during the breaks or listen to the coaches quarter-time addresses. Please remember to give distance around team huddles and stay out of the centre square of the ground. 


A number of food options and street van outlets are available to fans at Fremantle Community Bank Oval:

JD's Fast Foods: Located inside the ground next to the main gates, this van serves a wide variety of hot food, cold drinks and snacks.

New York Hot Dog: Located in front of the Victoria Pavilion, this street van serves a variety of differing gourmet hot dogs to suit all tastes.  

South Fremantle Canteen: Located at the bar in the public area of the club, the canteen sells traditional footy food including hot chips, burgers and cold drinks. 


The public bar is open to all with the entrance through the main doors to the South Fremantle club rooms. TAB facilities are located within the public area of the main bar. Bar opens at 12.30pm. 


The game will be broadcast live on 7mate from 4pm and also will be live on radio with 720 ABC Perth. Visit or download the WAFL App to stay up to date with all the action on game day including live stats and a radio broadcast. 



Monday, April 24, 2017 - 10:42 AM

The Friday night Member's Draw has jackpotted to $750 but you must be there to collect it.

On Friday night, April  21st, Steven Luff’s name was drawn out but he wasn’t in attendance to collect the jackpot of $700, so the draw has now jackpotted to $750.

The draw takes place every Friday night between 6:30pm and 7:30pm in the main bar. 

You have to be in it to win it! Only those members who are financial for 2017 go into the draw and have the opportunity of taking out the jackpot – but of course you have to be there for the draw.


Meals are available on Friday nights. 

Wiley to lead Sharks until at least 2019

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 9:17 AM

The East Fremantle Football Club is pleased to announce a Contract Extension for its League Coach, Rob Wiley. The EFFC Board unanimously agreed to extend Wiley's tenure by another year as League Coach, which now makes it a four year term and until the end of the 2019 season. The club believes it is in a good position to fulfil its ambition of becoming a strong and competitive club in the very near future. This is in line with the Clubs' Five Year Strategic Plan and it is in no doubt that Wiley is the right person to lead the playing group and meet this challenge.

The EFFC has contributed a considerable amount of time and resources into improving its talent development programs during the past two years and we are now starting to see strong performances in our 16s and 18s programs this year. The EFFC is committed to developing our local talent (metropolitan and country zones), which will be the core of our senior team for the future. Given Wiley’s proven experience in junior development, the club strongly believes he is the right person to develop the young talent and lead this process.

“I am very appreciative of the support and faith that the EFFC club as shown in me. We are under no illusion of where the club is at the moment and in what direction we need to take,” Rob Wiley said.

I look forward to working with the other coaches and the club in developing players to play at a consistently high level in the coming years.”

Over the next few years, the WAFL will be implementing change and the EFFC will be proactive in ensuring a bright future for this 119 year old club on and off the field through new facilities as well as a strong player development and recruiting program.

The timing of this extension and announcement is critical in that it only further endorses our strong belief that the club is heading in the right direction. This is an unequivocal message to all EFFC members & supporters that the club has a clear plan for our future and we are excited that Rob Wiley has again committed to being part of this exciting process.