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AOS East Fremantle Talent Academy Development Squad Carnival 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 12:19 PM

Round 1 vs South Fremantle

The AOS Development Squads began their first fixture on Monday 25th September at Shark Park against South Fremantle. The development squads are formed of the most talented players from each WAFL Club’s district, with age groups of year 8 to year 10.

The 8Bs kicked off the day in wet conditions with South Fremantle scoring first. Kobe McMillan was influential in the ruck, running hard throughout the game. South were a bit too strong for our boys and used the ball well in the wet to come out winners for the first game. Ashton Glennister and Lachlan Booker played to their strengths and were among the Sharks best players. Being the first hit out our boys showed some really good signs and were determine throughout.

EFFC – 2.9.21

SFFC – 7.11.53

Best: Kobe McMillan, Ashton Glennister and Lachlan Booker

Goals: Xavier Bradshaw-Pini 1, Cameron Legett1.


The 9Bs followed next in again wet conditions. South Fremantle showed good skills in the conditions and kicked accurately throughout the game.  Our boys showed good skills in patches and really tried to counteract Souths dominance but couldn’t match their ability. Rahul Rath and Jackson Merillo showed prowess as well as Andrew Gerovich throughout the match. Tom McGrath and Thomas Anderson played well up forward and kicked the majors for the sharks. Unfortunately, the Sharks were well beaten but our boys showed some positive signs.

EFFC  -2.3.15

SFFC 0- 11.4.70

Best  - Rahul Rath, Jackson Merillo And Andrew Gerovich

Goals: Tom McGrath 1 and Tom Anderson 1.


The 8As were very impressive against South with a number of our Midwest boys coming down for the game. The team seemed to gel very well together and used the ball to advantage which saw the Sharks kicking accurately. Kane Fallows kicked 4 majors for the Sharks followed closely by Midwest boys Jed Hagan and Judd McVee. Tom Braimbridge was exceptional and Michael Wall was brilliant off half back with his run and carry. The Sharks were too strong for their close rivals coming out victors by 50 points.

EFFC – 13.5.83

SFFC – 5.3.33

Best: Tom Braimbridge, Kane Fallows, Michael Wall and Jed Hagan

Goals: Kane Fallows 4, Jed Hagan 3, Judd Mcvee 2, Seth Connor 1, Corey Warner 1, Jackson Finnie 1 and Luke Kanny 1.


The 9As were red hot from the first bounce with Keanu Haddow and Edward Curley showing some brilliant work through the middle. The game saw 9 Midwest boys take to the field which is fantastic to see and all played very well. Up forward Haddow, Simpson, Curley, Carroll Stedman and Dann were instrumental and the midfield contingent of Walker, Browne and Emery proved too strong and quick for the Bulldogs. Our defence was strong and the rebound off to our midfielders created our scoring opportunities. Josh Stedman had a very good second half in which he took some great marks up forward and kicked truly. Credit to our forwards for the accuracy in what was a brilliant display of football. The team work the boys showed was tremendous and they all helped each other out when need, which contributed to the dominant display. The Sharks finished 76-point victors.

EFFC – 17.8.110

SFFC – 5.4.34

Best: Joshua Browne, Edward Curley, Josh Stedman and Keanu Haddow.

Goals: Haddow 3, Simpson 2, Curley 2, Carroll 2, Dann 2, Stedman 2, Tirant 2, Barlett 1 and Sandy 1.


The year 10 squad had their moments when they worked together as a team but South were a lot stronger physically and used the ball very well. Riley Sutherland showed that size doesn’t matter as he put his body on the line whenever he could and showed great determination for the football. Tyler Marci showed some goods signs along with Finn Gorringe as they did their best to try and counteract South’s strength. Johnny Narkle coped well in the ruck and showed some very good ground ball use for a big man. Teague Knight, Denim Ranger and Jordan Penheiro gave us some forward pressure resulting in goals which were a few positives for the 10s. The boys unfortunately were defeated by a dominant South by 56 points. The year 10s can learn a lot from the game on what they need to improve on and can also take some positives from it.

EFFC – 6.4.40

SFFC – 13.18.96

Best: Riley Sutherland, Tyler Macri and Finn Gorringe

Goals: Riley Sutherland, Denim Ranger, Jordan Penheiro, Teague Knight, Finn Gorringe and Johnny Narkle.   


The sharks next fixture is Friday 29th September at Leederville oval where we play East Perth. Kick off 8am.



                                                                                                                    Round 2 vs East Perth

East Fremantle Development squad had their second fixtures on Friday 29th September against East Perth at Leederville oval.


The 8Bs started the day once again and really played to their strengths of hard, fast aggressive football. Our midfield worked really well together which contributed to our forward entry. Cooper Searle and Kobe McMillan were outstanding and Cam Mulvey was excellent in the forward line. The game was close at times with East Perth getting a few goals to make things interesting. Our boys fought hard right to the end to finish off winners.

EPFC – 6.5.41

EFFC – 9.11.65

Goals – Harry Bilcough, Oliver Forrest, Cam Mulvey, Max Wallace, Travis Moore and Cameron Fox.

Best – Cooper Searle, Kobe Mcmillan, Max Wallace and Cameron Fox.


The 9Bs were exceptional against East Perth, their 1st to the ball efforts and use of the football was detriment to getting the ball forward. Fynn Garnier was excellent along with Kyron Eals throughout the game and their ball work and run and carry was great to see. The boys out played East Perth and showed it on the score board.

EFFC – 17.13. 115

EPFC 4.3.27

Goals; Declan Whisson, Fynn Gardiner, Charles Casale, Tom Sears, Jackson Merillo, Indy Imbuldenya, Adam Quill and Kobe Derosario.


The 8As had a great game again East Perth and were quite accurate on the score board. MidWest product Jed Hagan was outstanding down forward as well as ruckman and full forward Finn O’Reilly. Seth Connor was brilliant in the midfield and his ball use forward was tremendous kicking two goals for East Fremantle. The boys ran out winners in a solid game for the Sharks.

EFCC – 15.8.98

EPFC – 6.10.46

Goals – Jed Hagan, Finn O’Reilly, Seth Connor, Riley Walsh, Jack Williams, Ryan Henley, Judd McVee, Kane Fallows and Mitchell Crook.

Best – Seth Connor, Jed Hagan and Finn O’Reilly


The 9As were almost untouchable in their dominant display over East Perth. Right from the first bounce the boys were red hot in their attack on the football. The Sharks kept East Perth goalless for the entire game which is unbelievable. The midfield brigade were exceptional and our forwards too clever. Tom Grier and Edward Curley were outstanding in the midfield and Campbell Tirrant was potent up forward.

EFFC-  26.15.171

EPFC – 0.1.1

Best Tom Greir, Edward Curley and Campbell Tirrant.



The 10s had a very hard-fought game against East Perth. They showed great intent and team work throughout the game but couldn’t achieve their first win of the carnival going down by 4 points. Riley Sutherland showed great effort and courage through the midfield and Ethan Palohski showed great strength when in possession of the ball at half forward.

EFFC  - 7.4. 46

EPFC -  7.8 50

Best  - Sutherland, Gorringe and Hitchcock.


All in all there were some great displays of football and most of all team work. Each side can take positives out of their games and use them for the next fixture.



                                                                                                              Round 3 vs South West

The AOS Development squads had their 3rd fixtures of the carnival on Monday with the 8Bs kicking off the day against South West. The 8s had a solid first game being very dominant against the South West. The players started well from the first bounce and continued their way throughout the game.

EFFC 14.16.100

South West 0.5.5

Best; Ethan Stone, Cooper Searle and Jonty Petchell

Goals; Cam Mulvey 3, Zac Willis 3, Harry Bilcough 2, Ethan Stone 2, Kale Paton 1, Cam Fox 1, Kyron Nieves 1 and Jonty Petchell 1.


The 9Bs also had a dominant game against the South West. Our skills and team work were very impressive and our defence and midfield were outstanding.

EFFC 12.11.83

South West 5.4.34

Best; Kyron Eals, Finn Gardener and Jacob Dean

Goals; Kyron Eals, Indy Imbuldenya, Damian Savy, Jack Statham, Max Boniwell and Tom Sears.


The 8As was a fantastic game and a very close one with the game going down to the wire. Both sides were hard at the ball and some great displays of skills and team work shown by both. Jed Hagan was outstanding in the forwards and our midfield contingent worked really well. The game came down to the wire and a discussion with the score took place to have the game finish as a draw. A great game by both sides and well fought out.

EFFC 10.11.71

South West 11.5.71

Best; Seth Connor, Jed Hagan, Corey Warner and Joel Baverstock.

Goals; Jed Hagan 4, Jai Evans 2, Seth Connor 2, Regan Woodhouse 1 and Jackson Finnie 1.



The 9As were again outstanding in their game but not accurate in front of the big sticks. Our Midwest boys were very good all over the ground. Right from the start the sharks were using the ball well and there team work to get the ball forward was fantastic. A big win for the Sharks and another dominant display.

EFFC 11.15.81

South West 2.5.17

Best- Campbell Tirrant, Joshua Browne and Rory Williams.

Goals; Campbell Tirrant, Rory Williams, Joshua Browne, Graham Sandy, Christopher Walker, Josh Stedman and Jack Carroll.


Our year 10s showed more promise in there 3rd outing, with a number of players out due to rotations and injury. South West played good football and team work which enabled them to use the football well. At times we were second to the football which made us have to play more defensibly. Turnovers and our skills hurt us on the scoreboard which resulted in South West being a bit too strong. We can take some positives out of the game with some boys really taking it up to themselves to play different positions to help their team.

EFFC 3.4.22

South West 12.16.88

Best Riley Newton, Tyrone Papertalk and Kobi McNally.

Goals – Riley Duffy, Ethan Paholski and Jai Warren.


The Sharks Next Fixture is on Thursday 5th October at East Fremantle Oval, kicking off at 8am.



                                                                     East Fremantle vs Swan Districts

The AOS East Fremantle Development squads had their final fixture on Thursday 5th October against Swan Districts. The carnival on a whole has been a success with over 160 kids donning the Blue and White for their year group. There has been some very exciting football and some outstanding performances by our boys throughout the carnival.


The 8Bs once again kicked off the morning for the Sharks in what was a great game by both sides. The competitiveness for the ball on both sides was outstanding which was great to see as it made the game very close for the first half. Our boys really hit the straps in the last quarter to come out winners. Ryan Henley was excellent up forward kicking two goals and also played through the midfield. Cameron Fox used the ball very well and also scored a goal for the game. Ethan Nielson and Ethan Stone were very good and used their athletic ability to great use.

EFFC – 8.8.56

SDFC – 4.10.34

Best: Ryan Henley, Cameron Fox and Ethan Nielson

Goals: Ryan Henley, Jacob Katic, Kyhan Nieves, Ethan Stone, Cameron Mulvey and Cameron Fox.


The 9Bs had a dominant game against the Swans with some really strong bodies making a difference in the middle and up forward. Fynn Garnder was outstanding and really used his body well in contests. Damian Savy was excellent in the midfield, his tackling was texted book and really put pressure on the Swans. Jackson Merillo was very good through the middle and used the ball well to advantage. The Sharks were dominant throughout the game and finish off victors.

EFFC – 93

SDFC – 42

Best: Fynn Gardner, Damian Savy and Jackson Merillo.

Goals: Indy Imbuldeniya, Jackson Young, Andrew Gerovich, Jacob Marrot-Castellat, William Fransden, Zachery Goodacre and Kobe DeRosario.



The 8As had a good three quarters but couldn’t get over the line in the last. There were some outstanding performances by our boys from the Midwest with players Jed Hagan and Michael Wall. Forward Finn O’Rielly was again instrumental and finished with four goals which was a great effort by him. Jed Hagan at times was swung through the midfield which showed he can almost play anywhere. The Swans finished strongly in the last quarter, but overall the game was exciting.

EFFC – 8.8.56

SDFC – 11.6.75

Best: Jed Hagan, Corey Warner, Seth Connor and Finn O’Reilly.

Goals: Finn O’Reilly, Jonty Petchell, Corey Warner, Sam Moreno and Jed Hagan.


The 9As continue to be a very dominant team that work extremely well together and produce some very exciting football to observe. The Sharks had a number of MidWest players in the side and its fantastic to see how well they gel with the team. MidWest boys Jack Carroll, Richard Bartlett and Owen Dann were brilliant for the 9s with Owen Kicking a game high 4 goals. Sam Emery along with Chris Walker used the ball well through the midfield which contributed to our dominance through the middle. The boys were tremendous throughout and finished off the game well.

EFFC – 13.7.85

SDFC – 2.5.17

Best: Jack Carroll, Richard Bartlett and Owen Dann

Goals: Marcus Best, Graham Sandy, Richard Bartlett, Josh Stedman, Owen Dann, Sam Emery, Tom Grier, Xavier Wright and Charles Casale.


The 10s had a hard day at the office with a dominant Swans outfit that proved too strong for our boys. We had glimpses of our best football with some really good passages of play, but couldn’t continue to do so. The boys can take some positives from the game and focus on the areas that need attention. Harry Quartermaine was very good down back in what could be his strongest position as he used his body very well against his opponent. Daniel Rogers used the ball well with his run and carry as did Oscar Hitchcock who was also very good.

EFFC – 2.1.13

SDFC – 10.14.74

Best: Harry Quartermaine, Daniel Rogers, Oscar Hitchcock

Goals: Ty Glover and Bailey Hodge.



As this fixture rounds out the Development squad carnival, it has been a success for the East Fremantle squads. All of the boys have now gained the experience of being a part of the development squads and now they can take that experience away with them. The training programs that have been inputted into the development squads have shown throughout the carnival which is credit to all the coaches involved. To all the Sponsors, Staff, Players, Parents and Volunteers, we thank you for the work you have put in to make the Academy what it is today - a success of developing the young talent in East Fremantle’s District.

EFFC Seeking Assistant Coach at Senior Level

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 10:53 AM

Assistant Coach (Senior Football) – East Fremantle Football Club

The East Fremantle Football Club (The Sharks) is the West Australian Football League’s most successful club, winning 29 premierships in its 118 year history.  Nationally heralded for its Talent Academy Pathway and its strong values and culture, the club is seeking highly motivated and aspirational individuals to assist the senior coach for the start of the 2017 pre-season.

Job Summary

The role presents unique opportunities for highly enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to work and develop under recently appointed senior coach Rob Wiley within the club’s football program. 

The role works closely with the Club’s football department, Sports Science team, academy staff and other support staff and volunteers who share a strong passion for the Sharks.

Key Criteria

The successful applicant must demonstrate:

  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • A strong sense of values and culture
  • An understanding and philosophy on the development of; the footballer and self
  • The ability to engage with broad range key stakeholders, including, but not limited to support staff, volunteers, members, sponsors and supporters.

Starting date, remuneration and benefits will be negotiated with the successful applicant and will be dependent upon experience and qualifications.

The application must be brief, clearly outlining the following:

  • Coaching experience
  • 1 paragraph on each of the 4 key criteria listed above
  • Why you wish to pursue such an opportunity with the EFFC.

To apply email your covering letter and CV to Darryn Fry, Football Operations Manager, at

For further enquiries with regards to the application and requirements please email to the address listed or contact Darryn on 0142383654.

Applications close at 5pm (WST) September 29, 2017

Ben Harding takes out the Prendergast Medal

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 3:56 PM

East Fremantle youngster Ben Harding has taken out the Prendergast Medal, the Best and Fairest Award for the Reserves competition.

This is the icing on the cake for Ben, after a fantastic season of football. Coming through our development pathway, Ben made a smooth transition from Colts to seniors this year. After a number of standout performances in the Reserves, Ben made his League debut in Round 12 and registered another 2 games throughout 2017.

Ben’s ball use was prolific this season, averaging 27.6 disposals in his 16 Reserves games. In rounds 8 and 23 he amassed 35 disposals; a fantastic effort. The small inside midfielder averaged 8 clearances per game and won almost double the contested possessions than the next Shark’s player, hence would have attracting the attention of the umpiring department. 

We look forward to seeing Ben’s development in the coming years and his bright future at the Sharks. 


Monday, September 18, 2017 - 9:19 AM

The Friday night Member's Draw has jackpotted to $1,750 but you must be there to collect it.

On Friday night, September 15th  Gavin Wilbraham’s name was drawn out but he wasn’t in attendance to collect the jackpot of $1,700, so the draw has now jackpotted to $1750.

 The draw takes place every Friday night between 6:30pm and 7:30pm in the main bar.

You have to be in it to win it! Only those members who are financial for 2017 go into the draw and have the opportunity of taking out the jackpot – but of course you must be there for the draw.

Meals are available on Friday nights. 


Monday, September 18, 2017 - 9:15 AM

The following members are celebrating their birthdays this week and we would like to take this opportunity to wish them all a very Happy Birthday.

Graeme Hartill; Geoffrey Beasland; Leo James; Laura Lee Watson; John Fuller; Bruce Farrington; Glenys Capes; Norm Liddelow; Graham Thomson; Graeme Matcham; Denise Nicholas; Ron Phillippkowski; Ellen Watts; Pia Retzlaff; Philip Somers; Dayle Bruce; Robert Weber; Yvette Clement; Lisa O’Malley; Fleur Ashfield; Russell Thompson; Ryan Harder; Bryce Stewart; Briana Rainnie; Ashleigh Gomes; Dylan Campbell; Nicholas Patat; Sebastian Kirke; Kai Lowry; Leon Lowry; Luke Gregory; Jett Bond; Logan Evans.

Colts through to the Grand Final

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 2:26 PM

The East Fremantle Colts have earned themselves a spot in the 2017 WAFL Redimed Grand Final, with a 15-point win over Claremont on Sunday.

The boys were sharp early and took the ascendency, booting four majors in the opening term, while holding the reigning premiers to just one goal.  Slick ball movement, clean hands and excellent work defensively set the tone for the Sharks.

With the wind on their side, the Sharks continued to dominate throughout the second term, kicking five goals to two, opening up a 35-point lead at the main break.

As all good teams do when their backs are against the wall, Claremont burst out of the blocks, with greater pressure in opening minutes of the third term. A comeback looked imminent as they kicked 3 unanswered goals. The Sharks managed to add one of their own through Brandon Collard before Claremont snuck a final goal to narrow the deficit to 16 points heading in to the final stanza.

The Sharks regained their composure in the fourth when Milan Murdock nailed a fantastic check-side goal from the pocket. It was a hard-fought contest throughout the final term with the Tigers adding two goals, but a late major from Dillon O’Reilly helped to seal the win for the Sharks.

Our Colts will now enjoy a week off while Claremont and East Perth battle for a spot in the Grand Final.

The competitions leading goal kicker, Dillon O’Reilly was prolific in his return from the league side, finishing with 5 goals to his name.

Tom Joyce was strong around the ball, finishing with 23 disposals, 10 kicks and 6 marks. Jayden Quill and Ambrose Ryan collected 20 possessions while Tim Bockman and Milan Murdock kicked two goals each.

Goals: 5 Dillon O'Reilly, 2 Tim Bockman, Milan Murdock, 1 Dwayne Nevill, Samul Lewis, Brendon Collard


Leederville Oval


















This will be the last ever Colts Grand Final at Domain Stadium so you’re not going to want to miss this! Tickets will be available at the gate on the day. 


Monday, September 11, 2017 - 9:10 AM

The Friday night Member's Draw has jackpotted to $1,700 but you must be there to collect it.

On Friday night, September 8th  Debbie Burgess’ name was drawn out but she wasn’t in attendance to collect the jackpot of $1,650, so the draw has now jackpotted to $1700.

 The draw takes place every Friday night between 6:30pm and 7:30pm in the main bar.

You have to be in it to win it! Only those members who are financial for 2017 go into the draw and have the opportunity of taking out the jackpot – but of course you must be there for the draw.

Meals are available on Friday nights.



Monday, September 11, 2017 - 9:03 AM

The following members are celebrating their birthdays this week and we would like to take this opportunity to wish them all a very Happy Birthday.

Bill Benbow; Lynette Parolo; Rodney Buttel; George Leathley; Rodney Newman; Colin Giblett; Sue Elliott; Ross Storer; Brian Needle; Douglas Franklyn; Julie Higham; Tracy St Jack; Anthony Bell; Rod Tonzing; Lisa Patat; Anthony Dean; Travis Paddison; Susan Stork; Henry Shepher; Ashleigh Brinkhuizen; Blair Edgar; Morgan Ramsden; Zoe Chatfield; Eve Miller; Thomas Harrison; Chloe Ainsworth; Jay Harrison; William Martin; Jayden Morton; Jack Murphy; Lewis McLernon.

Colts Semi Final - Game Day Info

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 3:57 PM

East Fremantle’s Colts return from a week off to take on Claremont in the second semi-final this Sunday, 12pm at Leederville Oval.

The winner will progress straight to the Grand Final, while the loser will have a second chance in the preliminary final.

The Tigers are looking to make it a third consecutive premiership so it’s set to be a tough contest for the Sharks.

Into the side from last colts game comes Dillon O’Reilly and Ambrose Ryan, who spent time in the League team.

Initial Team

1              MURDOCK, Milan

2              PATAT, Nicholas

3              RITCHIE, Joshua

4              RYAN, Ambrose

5              QUILL, Jayden

6              LEWIS, Samuel

7              JOYCE, Thomas

8              BOCKMAN, Timothy

9              ROBINSON, Corey

10           WILLIAMS, Dylan

11           RAJANAYAGAM, Liam

12           STONE, Jy

13           WILKINSON, Zachary

14           CAMPBELL, Dylan

15           D'ANTOINE, Kyle

16           EASTAUGH, Thomas

17           WAINWRIGHT, Aiden

18           MINERVINI, Liam

19           NEWTON, Trent

20           SORRELL, Kennedy

21           COLLARD, Brandon

22           SCOTT, Chris

23           O'REILLY, Dillon

24           JACKSON, Zachary

25           NEVILL, Dwayne

26           PAILTHORPE, Jaylen

27           MONAGHAN, Tom

28           WATSON, Nicholas

29           TEAKLE, Brynn

Game Day Details


All ticketing and ticket pricing during WAFL Finals is under the control of the WAFC.

On Game Day tickets can be purchased from any of the three main entrance gates to Leederville Oval.  Adult Tickets $20. Concession Tickets $15. Under 16s Free.

Getting There:                                      

There are three main entrance gates into Leederville Oval, one off Vincent Street, one off Oxford Street and one in close proximity to Richmond Street near the Loftus Recreation Centre.

Nearest train station is Leederville train station, on the Joondalup Line. Leederville Oval is a short 8 minute walk from Leederville train station. Trains depart every 15 minutes in both directions on game day.

Nearest bus stop is 12694 situated closest to the Richmond Street entrance with bus number 402, 403 and 404 stopping here. Bus stop 12676 stops on Oxford Street closest to the Vincent Street and Oxford Street entrances with bus number 15 stopping here.

Parking is available at the Loftus Recreation Centre, street parking on Richmond Street and various car parks throughout Leederville.

Family Friendly Fun

WAFL Football remains a family friendly environment. All attendees are welcome to come onto the field during the quarter breaks. Please keep a distance from team huddles and leave the ground at the sound of the two sirens.

Food Outlets:

Topolinis ToGo – Located in the Subiaco Alfresco in close proximity to the Subiaco Bar. Grab yourself a hamburger, hot dog, footy chips and lots more. Topolinis ToGo provides great food at a good price.

Xpresso Delight – Need a coffee, stop by Expresso Delight and grab a hot coffee and cake. Xpresso Delight is open early for all spectators and fans.

Bar Areas

Subiaco Bar will be open from 11.00am and is open to all match attendees.

Drink Specials

The Subiaco Bar will be offering members of all WAFL clubs a special $5 price on Corona between 11am and 3pm on game day.

The Subiaco Bar is offering a Front Bar promotion for the WAFL Grand Final in conjunction with CUB and the WAFC. Visit the Subiaco Bar, complete an entry form and place it in the entry box for your chance to win the ultimate seat upgrade to the final WAFL Grand Final at Subiaco Oval.


Bring your footy and have a kick on Leederville Oval during the breaks.



Monday, September 4, 2017 - 8:58 AM

The Friday night Member's Draw has jackpotted to $1,650 but you must be there to collect it.

On Friday night, September 1st  Ray Meadowcroft’s name was drawn out but he wasn’t in attendance to collect the jackpot of $1,600, so the draw has now jackpotted to $1650.

 The draw takes place every Friday night between 6:30pm and 7:30pm in the main bar.

You have to be in it to win it! Only those members who are financial for 2017 go into the draw and have the opportunity of taking out the jackpot – but of course you must be there for the draw.

Meals are available on Friday nights.