EFWFC Talent on the big Stage

Friday, February 9, 2018 - 3:59 PM

Saturday’s AFLW spectacle at Optus Stadium is an exciting time for women’s football and particularly for East Fremantle.

Eight former Sharks have been named in the squads, seven of which are pulling on the boots for the Dockers. Collingwood player, Caitlin Edwards will have to face her previous team mates in front of one of the largest crowds in Perth. While Ruby Schleicher has been listed as an emergency, which could take the number to nine. Brianna Green will miss the match through injury.

 An astounding 54,000 tickets have been sold ahead of the match, a number set to smash the current AFLW crowd attendance record of 24,500 achieved in the 2017 season opener in Victoria.

All the best to the players!

Full teams below (highlighted are the former East Fremantle Women’s Football Club players)


B: H.Miller 19, A.Williams 9, E.Gooch 8
HB: A.Sharp 1, C.Davidson 33, G.O'Sullivan 22
C: D.Hooker 17 
HF: L.Webb 16, A.Lavell 7, E.Antonio 12
F: M.Caulfield 29, S.Barr 10, A.Atkins 37
Foll: A.Janz 30, S.Cain 20, K.Donnellan 15
I/C: B.Smith 18, G.Houghton 27, L.Mascall 14, J.White 11, L.Filocamo 4 

Emg: T.Haynes 6, T.McAuliffe 25

In: L.Webb, G.Houghton
Out: T.Haynes, B.Green (injured)


B: C.McIntosh 20, I.Ross 21, E.Grant 5
HB: C.Molloy 2, S.Livingstone 12, C.Edwards 1
C: B.Bonnici 8 
HF: C.Bernardi 6, J.Duffin 27, S.Chiocci - C 17
F: L.Tesoriero 7, J.Garner 43, M.Kuys 9
Foll: E.King 60, J.Lambert 13, A.Barden 38
I/C: H.Whitford 28, E.Hynes 11, S.Casey 22, T.Morgan 26, B.White 33

Emg: R.Schleicher 18, K.Stratton 41

In: J.Duffin, L.Tesoriero, H.Whitford, T.Morgan
Out: M.Hope, S.D'Arcy (suspension), R.Schleicher, S.Dargan